Janet Ragsdale

Spiritual Direction
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
People come to spiritual direction for various reasons:
Some desire to learn to pray, or how to listen for
Others seek discernment for decision-making…
Others for deepening their relationship with God,
    God’s people and God’s creation…
Still others come bringing wounds or life-patterns for
God to heal…
"Life isn't about waiting for the
storm to pass....It's about learning
to dance in the rain."~ Unknown    
                        What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction (or “spiritual guidance”) is a covenant friendship
between Christians in which one assists the other to:

    Notice God’s action in his/her life.
    Pay attention to sign of God’s grace in life’s ordinary events.
    Respond to God’s invitations to be about Christ’s work of
        love and justice in all life’s dimensions.

A central goal of all spiritual direction is discernment – the challenging
process of learning to sift through one’s own life experiences in order
to uncover God’s movement.

The director acts as a listening, supportive person who provides an
atmosphere where the other person can take a long, loving look at
his/her life and faith, honestly exploring his/her relationship with God,
others and God’s creation.
Spiritual direction is neither psychotherapy nor counseling, though
many find it an important adjunct to work already happening in these
other settings. All conversations are kept Confidential.
The Spirit of God is the source of our growth,guidance and healing –
the director is present as a companion on the journey, helping the
other person to find and keep focus on his/her relationship with God.

What’s expected of those coming to spiritual direction?

A desire for God… An openness to God’s Spirit…And prayer.

How often? How long?

Most come every 2 or 3 weeks, or less often. The frequency of
visits varies with each person’s needs and circumstances. One
session of spiritual direction ordinarily lasts one hour.
Who comes to Spiritual Direction?