Janet Ragsdale

Janet's Musings
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
What I say to you all,
The bowl of the pelvis holds a
lotus flower
Unfolding and revealing
The Spirit’s emergent flame.
Blue Painter’s Tape and Super Glue

I walk to chapel and think an intentionality into
the cool, crisp air.  Is anyone there to
hear and respond?

I place an intentionality for a silly, lighthearted,
prayerful ode.  I see Marie’s smiling face.
I hear, “I feel a poem coming on, my dear”.

Good and gracious God – thank you for blue
painter’s duct tape and super glue.

Thank you for the inspiration: duct tape holds
together cloth which by its weightiness is
coming apart at the seams.

Thank you for the sticky presence of super
glue that mends glasses so I may see.

Thank you for the helpfulness of super glue
which keeps shoe soles from separating so
I may more easily and gently walk your path.

Thank you for the duct tape/super glue combo
that holds my belt together so I am not
embarrassed by loosing my britches when I
stand to praise you.

God in your merciful grace with humor hear my
prayer, AMEN
Spiritual Director - Psychotherapist
Interior Decorator
Shaman – Priest
Coyote Dancer
Come to the feast

To make a difference in the world
All dance together
Spin and twirl

Not knowing what the outcome will be
Setting myriad possibilities free

Pandora’s Box – a treasure chest
Those elements of life that fuel the quest

Spirit’s visions of the future come
To lead, entice the appetite

If not one – then the other
Know both are true, for God’s more is
the answer
2nd Tuesday AM, January 2009

Today I ask for a poem even though I
am not a poet

Today before meditation I request to
be delightfully surprised by the words
that come to mind

Today during meditation I am of two
minds – one saying the Ram Mantra
the other being flooded by poetic lines
I wish I were writing down

I need a scribe to write as I free
associate under the linear voice of
Ram, Ramaya, Namaha with each mala

Oh where now is that wonderful free
association?  The moment is gone, the
feeling has left and my cognitive brain
is back in charge

I long to be crazy, dancing with the
interplay of my minds

I see My breath in the frosty air escape
and swirl with the Ruach of God
A January Walk

Untrimmed cedar
Boxwood trimmed to proper height and size in
a row

Pyracanthia sprawling on the ground
Red berries covering a mass of extended limbs
without support

Blue creeper of some sort poking through
another vine
Or is it its mother spreading herself

Silver green lichens on tree bark
Bright green moss on steps so alive and
Both are the Creative More

Man with brief case muses
Why so many people today?

My reverie is broken as I answer
Students with an outdoor assignment

I turn toward class wanting to savor a bit more
Time is up

Back by the sprawling pyracanthia
Up the stone marked drive – boxwood edged

To the cedar tree with drooping branches
I pick a leaf stem
And see life

January, 2010
Our Lady
by T. Truesdale

Our Lady of the high desert sun,
Turquoise skies and the four winds;
Continue to carry our prayers
To the spirits that guide us.
Please bless our day.

Our Lady of the starry firmament,
Indigo, silver and pearl;
Continue to give us healing rest.
Please bless our night.

Our Lady of the solitary mountains,
That gives birth to the sacred rains;
And beautiful streams that race
Over their rocky paths
To sustain all life.
May they continue to flow.
Please bless our waters.

Our Lady of the red soil;
Containing the ancestral flesh,
Blood and bones of the ancient ones;
May it continue to nurture us.
Please bless our beloved earth.

Our Lady of the plants and animals;
May we continue?
The cycle of life;
In peace, health and harmony,
To live in more perfect balance.
Please bless our environment.

Divine Lady of the Southwest?
Please bless our loved ones, families and
Hear our prayers.